Enhancement:  Car and track models from F1-2020 can now be imported.

Enhancement: Support for compressed CodeMasters MipMaps format. This results in higher resolution texture maps for F1-2020, Grid2019, F1-2019, F1-2018 & F1-2017.

Enhancement:  Improved Decal shader for F1-2020, Grid2019, F1-2019, F1-2018 & F1-2017 gives better rendering of liveries.

Enhancement:  Improved  sponsor layer and barrier layer handling for tracks from F1-2019 & F1-2018.

Enhancement: Improved DX10 DDS processing reduces the memory overhead and allows more complex models to be imported than before (for example rF2 Portland).

Fix: In the render pipeline prevent shadow casting animated objects to be shadow receivers as this could give strange artifacts.

Download version 3.2a at the download page.