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Importing F1-2020 Models

Version 3.2a 3DSimED and can import models from F1 2020.

Make sure you select the correct version to import, otherwise the import will fail.


Importing Cars. To import a car you must browse to your F1 2020 game and look for the f1_2020_vehicle_package folder within the 2020_asset_groups folder.
Inside the f1_2020_vehicle_package folder there is the teams folder with all the cars, select the car, and then the wep folder. The wep folder should have the car’s erp file to select and import.

For example, to open the Red Bull from inside the F1-2020 folder navigate to:



Importing Tracks. Within the game’s 2020_asset_groups folder find the environment_package folder and then the tracks folder.
Select a track and find the wep folder. For each track there are three erp:
<track_name>_f1.erp,  <track_name>_f2.erp and <track_name>_classic.erp,
select one of these and the track should be imported. (The difference between these different versions seems to be just the sponsor graphics).




Enhancement:  Car and track models from F1-2020 can now be imported.

Enhancement: Support for compressed CodeMasters MipMaps format. This results in higher resolution texture maps for F1-2020, Grid2019, F1-2019, F1-2018 & F1-2017.

Enhancement:  Improved Decal shader for F1-2020, Grid2019, F1-2019, F1-2018 & F1-2017 gives better rendering of liveries.

Enhancement:  Improved  sponsor layer and barrier layer handling for tracks from F1-2019 & F1-2018.

Enhancement: Improved DX10 DDS processing reduces the memory overhead and allows more complex models to be imported than before (for example rF2 Portland).

Fix: In the render pipeline prevent shadow casting animated objects to be shadow receivers as this could give strange artifacts.

Download version 3.2a at the download page.

Importing Grid 2019 Car Models

Version 3.1x of 3DSimED can import models from Grid 2019.

When importing make sure that Grid 2019 erp is selected as the import file type. Note, that only cars can be imported – not tracks.

Importing Cars. To import a car you must browse to your Grid 2019 game and browse to the  vehicle_package folder within the asset_groups folder. Inside the  vehicle_package folder there is the cars folder with all the different models each with its own folder. Within the folder there will be a number of erp files to choose from.


The numbered erp are the interesting ones as they are the different liveries for the car model. The *_interior.erp can also be imported to show the cockpit geometry.

The high resolution texture mipmap format is not fully understood so for some cars the texture quality will be low, but for most models it is acceptable.






Enhancement:  Car models from Grid 2019 can now be imported.

Enhancement:   FBX Export and Import preserves transparency. FBX alpha source black is equivalent to chroma transparency  and if an FBX material has an opacity map the material will be set to alpha blending transparency in 3DSimED.

Enhancement:     The Shader list has been updated to include recent rFactor 2 additions. Note that 3DSimED cannot  render these correctly as they are DX11 while 3DSimED is DX9.

Fix:   When working with the gMotor formats (rFactor etc)  LOD values are now applied to the Instance entries of a SCN.

Download version 3.1x at the download page.




Enhancement   The rf2 DirectX11 IBL Shaders  can be assigned to materials.

Note that these shaders are not rendered correctly because 3DSimED3 is a DX9 application.

Enhancement    Duplicate vertices are purged when importing FBX, this should greatly reduce the vertex count.

Fix A file in the recent list could be incorrectly processed if its extension was both a native file type and a plugin file type.

Fix  Collada Import could crash when importing a file with empty nodes.

Download version 3.1w at the download page.

3DSimED 3.1u

Fix:  When Importing a plugin format, nested objects would incorrectly inherit parent attributes. This could cause attributes such as shadow casting and LOD to be wrong, this was particularly apparent in Assetto Corsa models.

Fix:  GMT models from Zmodeler would fail to import, this was an unintended consequence of a fix for GMT that had been created by recent 64-bit Max plugins.

Fix: When importing from .VEH or SCN files comments on the same line as a SearchPath would cause the path name to be corrupted.

Fix:  FBX Import could assigned incorrect object names if the user had selected the option to set Object Names from Node Names.

Fix: The export plugins did not save the Lodin/Lodout values.

Fix:  Browsing for an object to import when an extension could be both a native and a plugin would always import the native.

Download version 3.1u at the download page.

3DSimED 3.1t

Enhancement  Exporting rF2 model data now includes data for puddle reflection for the Read Road & Kerb shaders.
The data is placed in the vertex fields normally used for bone data. Note that these shaders are for DX11 so 3DSimED (DX9) cannot render the puddle data.

Fix:  LOD filters for Forza model import.

Fix:  With HDR on double-clicking to centre the view would fail.

Fix: Reflections rendered incorrectly with HDR rendering.

Download version 3.1t at the download page.