Download 3DSimED

Click here to download 3DSimED32c (April 27th 2022)

Checksums for .zip:

MD5 A8C624E4FB7AC0A5CCE5FE6A35B33494
SHA-1 9685D342AC7754E005EDC4E825989EA7CD74C0B9

Click here to download 3DSimED32b (November 7th 2021)

Checksums for .zip:

MD5 535E13C3DFA18D55D2C4A4CF23D0204A
SHA-1 54505517FA2B1C85871FD9B7CB82F7AE04E6FA11

Click here to download 3DSimED32a (February 14th 2021)

Checksums for .zip:

MD5 69C19FB6B31403F820CA824FCCBA5E09
SHA-1 39FE090D9EC819B591BA72AD5325EB76FD8D5301

Click here to download 3DSimED31x (August 30th 2020)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 8F0762DD3649F2963E04A25271C8BA4D
SHA-1 A7A07C59D2777967916EB4F86657792DE58C24B1

Click here to download 3DSimED31w (March 14th 2020)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 ABC959871F59CDC1C763EB352FA06BF6
SHA-1 B4366D153291083AE3E9FAA54F852814B24E2535

Click here to download 3DSimED31v (July 5th 2019)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 7CA0E9CF87E0947D66C7154E7FBF48CE

SketchUp DLLs

These are the DLLs required by the SketchUp Export and Import Plugins.

These have not changed for a long time and are only required if you are importing/exporting Sketchup models.

MD5 CE74F7B3F50E7EBD98E41344171AD001
SHA-1 540F698A03CA9BC733C8D3FE37902B81A81398BF

If you get an error messages about loading SketchupReader.dll  you may need the run-times below.
Try the Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 run-time first followed by the  Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 run-time.
Unzip to the same folder as 3DSimED3.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 RunTime

MD5 DD2A3F31F14AE540BC6ABD6C7390906C
SHA-1 1B92C7B00E271709E70BBB7CE9076491A15032C1

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 RunTime

MD5 C329C0D02866CC1FFD352608A83E1BC1
SHA-1 D59D767036509386A8DA85EE5D1D50EB368C80ED

Decal Shader

These .zip files contains the Decal shader used in the F1 2015/2016/2017 car models.

For RF2 download RF2DecalShader2021-02-14 which needs to be unzipped to the same folder as the CoreShader.mas.
Update 04/02/2018 to support updates in DX11 version.
Update 25/01/2018 to correcty compile on DX11 version.
Updated 11/01/2018 to include DX11 support and two new Decal Shaders.
Updated 14/02/2021 Improved lighting including specular term for Decal.

For RF1, GTR2 and others download DecalShaderRF1.  With RF1 unzip to the same folder as the CoreShader.mas,  and for GTR2 unzip to the game root folder. DecalShaderRF1 should work with GTL and the RACE series.
Update 25/01/2018 to include new Decal Shaders.


This will be included in future releases for now download here.

Plugin Downloads

If a plugin is not listed here it will be in the latest release of 3DSimED3 at the top of this page.
Plugins have to be unzipped to the same folder as 3DSimED3.

3DSimED2 Download

This product is no longer sold but you can download the latest version here.

TrkMaker Download

TrkMaker is unlikely to be updated anytime and is only useful with older sims no longer available so support is limited…

Download the here.