Download 3DSimED

Click here to download 3DSimED31t (October 31st 2018)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 8560CED9D444B0B885DE8E46486BCCB4
SHA-1 50A8945EA8C291CC11EA8CF4A7977F1D591BC60E

SketchUp DLLs

These are the DLLs required by the SketchUp Export and Import Plugins.

These have not changed for a long time and are only required if you are importing/exporting Sketchup models.

MD5 CE74F7B3F50E7EBD98E41344171AD001
SHA-1 540F698A03CA9BC733C8D3FE37902B81A81398BF

Click here to download 3DSimED31s (October 3rd 2018)

Checksums of zip:

MD5  1948EEBE496AA906185BF563B9195D76
SHA-1 87DDDE9B85853A4574C5771A0E946A180DD9E92B

Click here to download 3DSimED31r (July 24th 2018)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 614B9C28CD0B3BAC01DD17477BC5448B
SHA-1 2F08BE753A8F88CF5E28644B027B6F66E5352A75

Click here to download 3DSimED31q (July 1st 2018)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 10E3B81C20D28D4324F151DBD942FE3A
SHA-1 4ACC630298D47EC01545319B4899B87641BE39AD

Click here to download 3DSimED31p (June 17th 2018)

Checksums of zip:

MD5 F69CA144642782BCB33B746DB17953A2
SHA-1 C120D1D415B2D7C71123C3F0456278C96EE6F274


Click here to download 3DSimED31o (February 26th 2018)

Checksums of zip:
MD5 016428465B5990DEAEE25FAC10E50B5D
SHA-1 396C758F4D5FE11D494EFDC33FB8442ED5F17DC5

Click here to download 3DSimED31n (February 21st 2018)

Checksums of zip:
MD5 E569FBC104DE247B3A742508C0A78BD7
SHA-1 151E3119198411BCE7745A5CA81C787DDE84372D

Click here to download 3DSimED31m (January 11th 2018)

Checksums of zip:
MD5 58203E63993E0EF0BFF0C41FB11F1368
SHA-1 0F5848233B4F8B5AD8194C1679F750A600AB784A

Decal Shader

These .zip files contains the Decal shader used in the F1 2015/2016/2017 car models.

For RF2 download RF2DecalShader2018-02-04 which needs to be unzipped to the same folder as the CoreShader.mas.
Update 04/02/2018 to support updates in DX11 version.
Update 25/01/2018 to correcty compile on DX11 version.
Updated 11/01/2018 to include DX11 support and two new Decal Shaders.

For RF1, GTR2 and others download DecalShaderRF1.  With RF1 unzip to the same folder as the CoreShader.mas,  and for GTR2 unzip to the game root folder. DecalShaderRF1 should work with GTL and the RACE series.
Update 25/01/2018 to include new Decal Shaders.

 Click here to download 3DSimED3.1l (November 21st 2017)

Checksums of zip:
MD5 94438BA290A5DF7B4D13CD7DE579F9BD
SHA-1 C765CBCB61D4EC183726EF11BB157913399A8E31

Click here to download F1-2017 Import Plugin 1.0c

Just unzip the plugin to the same folder as 3DSimED

Checksums of zip:
MD5    EF10A9596AEF2C8D424B5079A1F33C7B
SHA-1 17A00D529214C2A9EC3D3F82A3C57149EA722241

Click here to download (Updated Version 3.1k 17th September 2017)

Checksums of zip
MD5 B0830E3071AEDFFCCF6AB1D15D903BC1
SHA-1 231B986E019FBF5438CCF5092E740F8BC0525D3C

Click here to download ForzaApexImport Import Plugin for 3SimED 31j

Checksums of zip
MD5 639EB1DB2D3E9F27F5E8CB8F29589280
SHA-1 BC89068F3A3277E46FA8C07EE16A9366E5BBC98E

Click here to download (26th July 2017)

Release notes.

Checksums of zip

MD5 AA811956EEE6FC84BAC28DAF3C9226E1
SHA-1 74EB5B54CCBD3126132708B104197DFB9DA83968

Note: you can try 3DSimED3 for  20 days without purchase.

To activate, you must request an activation code after purchasing.

Once activated, later versions do not require any activation.

Click here to download (12th May 2017)

Release notes.

Checksums of zip
MD5 113D7BD189A6AACBE59E227D03951B5D
SHA-1 73A8603D83C19319E041C0EEB9389CC0930632D1


Click here to download (28th April 2017)

MD5 7BF7132721C2C86323824FBC9FB82576
SHA-1 7759C11F9251D45507EA5C00DF619E00799075C8

Click here for release notes.



Click here to download zipped (23rd January 2017)

MD5: 628b2a7ca1e8fde16c3f727fda8c0a8c
SHA-1: cb57edd602a57709f69bb89bde6b3cf4687d5e53

Click here for release notes.


Click here to download zipped (5th October 2016 updated with latest F1-2016 Plugin )

Checksums for .zip.-
MD5: 194225617755013796f810a926f455f4
SHA-1: 0246612d7b9a19eefaac6b5670466a22c215cd92

Click here for release notes.

Click here to download zipped (13th August 2016)

Checksums for .zip.
MD5: 07fe793dd86ac5bb025ceb2609284257
SHA-1: 24d22af6b7068beb8da4482616a5672c0a2b5d79

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Click here to download zipped (14th July 2016).

Checksums for .zip.
sha-1: 3419b1859a5189e4c2f733690626b010e0c60fbe
md5: ca654330d770c7be419f23eeeb837747


Click here for release notes.



This will be included in future releases for now download here.

Plugin Downloads

If a plugin is not listed here it will be in the latest release of 3DSimED3 at the top of this page.
Plugins have to be unzipped to the same folder as 3DSimED3.


3DSimED2 Download

This product is no longer sold but you can download the latest version here.

TrkMaker Download

TrkMaker is unlikely to be updated anytime and is only useful with older sims no longer available so support is limited…

Download the here.