3DSimED Features


  • Windows 32-bit application (Windows XP & later).
  • Fast rendering exploiting DirectX hardware acceleration.
  • Use of HLSL shaders for high quality fast rendering.
  • Real-time rotation and zooming. Fast textures display.
  • Visual selection of objects, vertexes and faces.
  • Edit multiple drawings in a single instance of 3DSimED.
  • Full undo/redo stack.
  • Context help included.
  • Frequent fixes and updates.

Object File Formats Supported

  • 3D Editor support:-FBX (Assetto Corsa KsEditor, Blender, 3DSMax & others); Collada DAE (Blender, 3DSMax & others) ; SKP (Google SketchUp) ; 3DS (3DSMax & others) ; .X (Direct X)
  • Import:- Kn5 (Assetto Corsa); .GMT rFactor2; ERP (F1-2021 to F1-2015); PSSG (F1-2010 – F1-2014 GRID 1 & 2 & AutoSport) ; VHF SGB and MEB (NFS Shift) ; GMT (RACE ON, RACE07, RACE , GTR2, GTR, GTL, rFactor) ; TRK (GTR2, GTL) ; CAR (GTR2) ; VEH (rFactor) ; SCN (rFactor, NSR, F1CC, F1-2002) ; GRF (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; MOD (Viper Racing and Nascar Heat) ; PTF (N2003,N2003,N4) ;
    3DO (N2003,N2002,N4,GPL,N3,N2,ICR2) ; .MTS (F1CC,F1-2002,NSR) ; P3D (Race Driver) XBX (Ford Racing 3) ; VRL (SCGT, F1-2000)
  • Export:- Kn5 (Assetto Corsa); .GMT rFactor2; MEB (NFS Shift) ; GMT (RACE ON, RACE07, RACE, GTR2, rFactor, GTL, GTR) ; GRF (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; MOD (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; 3DS; 3DO (N2003) ; MTS (F1CC,F1-2002) ; .X (Direct X) ; .X (Richard Burn Rally) ; GPS (Bob’s Track Builder) ; Update:- .PTF (N2003) ;
    GPL TSO .3DO; ASE for ASE23DO util.

Packed Data Formats Supported

  • Decompression to a folder of:- .DAT (all Papyrus sims); .MAS (F1CC, F1-2002, NSR, rFactor) ; GTR (GTR, GTR2) ; GTL (GTL).BIG (Toca Race Driver) ; RES, TRK, CAR (Viper Racing and Nascar Heat).

Object Editing

  • XYZ position and rotation including realtime preview.
  • Delete and Replace with new object.
  • Explode to edit faces and vertices of object.
  • Isolate to open a copy of the memory object in a new window.
  • Open of disk object in a new window.

Material Support

  • Materials loaded from MTS & GMT files.
  • Material editing including assignment of textures, bump mapping, specular mapping, environment mapping, transparency, specular power etc.
  • Copy and Paste of materials. Filter display of model by material.

Copy and Paste.

  • Copy and paste model data and objects.

Texture Brower.

  • Browse:- .MIP (all Papyrus sims) ; .BMP ; .TGA; .DDS; .TEX; .PNG; JPG.
  • Conversion (single file or batch) to:- .MIP (N2003 & GBL); .BMP; .TGA; DDS ; PNG.

Display Control

  • Filter model display by texture, material, and or object.
  • Walk tracks
  • Cull back facing faces.
  • Quickly change light source position by mouse.
  • Texture, wire frame and flat shading.

Geometric Editing

  • Centre model
  • Calculation of facet or vertex normals.
  • Move/rotate model
  • Re-position model vertices.

These programs are to be used only for legal and non-infringing uses

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