3DSimED 3.1u

Fix:  When Importing a plugin format, nested objects would incorrectly inherit parent attributes. This could cause attributes such as shadow casting and LOD to be wrong, this was particularly apparent in Assetto Corsa models.

Fix:  GMT models from Zmodeler would fail to import, this was an unintended consequence of a fix for GMT that had been created by recent 64-bit Max plugins.

Fix: When importing from .VEH or SCN files comments on the same line as a SearchPath would cause the path name to be corrupted.

Fix:  FBX Import could assigned incorrect object names if the user had selected the option to set Object Names from Node Names.

Fix: The export plugins did not save the Lodin/Lodout values.

Fix:  Browsing for an object to import when an extension could be both a native and a plugin would always import the native.

Download version 3.1u at the download page.