3DSimED 3.1n Release Notes

12-02-2018 18-05-34

New: Tracks from Forza Apex and Forza 7 can now be imported.

Enhanced: Import of Forza 7/Apex/Horizon cars has a new option to convert Swatchbin to DDS, this option will also ensure all texture maps referenced by all the materials will be available as DDS.

Enhanced: When writing .SCN files for rF2, the REFLECTEDENV and REFMAP0 sections are written and populated with the names of objects tagged as reflected.

Enhanced: When closing a model, the option to never be prompted has been added. The option can also be set at File->Options->User Options.

Enhanced: Wavefront .OBJ. The normal and texture coordinates are exported with the same number of decimal places as the XYZ coordinates.

Enhanced: Collada Export of a single object will try to use the title of the filename for the geometry name.

Fix: Tools->Rename Objects would change the case of the object names to lower case.

Fix: Editing an object name within the Object Instance Edit pane.

Fix: Opening a .3SE would change object names to lower case.

Fix: Exported geometry using the stamp billboard shaders would be incorrectly rotated in rF2.

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