3DSimED 3.1m

10-01-2018 20-19-31

Enhanced: Added support for the new shaders of rF2 v1109. Some of these are DX11 only shaders, they can be used in models and exported to rF2 but are rendered in 3DSimED with a simple diffuse map.

Enhanced: Fully defined Searchpaths in rF/rF2 .SCN files now supported.

Enhanced: More Swatchbin (Forza textures) formats supported.

Enhanced: Two ‘Decal’ shaders added: one with cube map & specular colour; the other supporting bump, specular & cube maps.

Fix: Importing models. If Object names contain ‘:’  characters they are replaced with ‘_’ (this was a problem with Race Sim Studio models).

Fix: Forza Apex/Horizon 3/7 improved handling of texture coordinate channels.

Fix: In some circumstances an object could be clipped out when visible.

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