3DSimED 3.1l

21-11-2017 16-42-56

New: Forza 7 Support. Earlier versions of 3DSimED could import Forza 7 models with the Forza Apex Import Plugin but version 3.1l has many improvements to help import Forza 7 car models. The plugin understands the new pcfamily and base sub-folders of media, has improved diffuse texture handling, includes an option to import the blur wheel materials and will read more swatchbin texture types.

New: Wavefront .OBJ export plugin.

New: F1-2017 _model Import Plugin . This allows individual models to be imported but requires game ERP archives to be decompressed.

New: Tools ->Expand-> Single ERP Archive/Batch ERP Archive. Decompress individual or folder tree of ERP archives.

Enhanced: Added rF2 shader “car body paint with damage”.

Fix: Forza 7/Apex/Horizon 3 Import has better handling for missing materialbins and should not crash if files are missing.

Fix: Models with deeply nested objects could crash 3DSimED.

Fix: Wavefront .OBJ import could not import quoted texture map names.

Fix: TDU Import would corrupt some meshes.

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