3DSimED 3.0w

New: Assetto Corsa Car LOD Export Plugin, for writing car LODs. These LOD models do not include the textures in the .KN5 (it is assumed that the textures are archived in the detailed object .KN5) .

New:  Edit Material Set Shader allows the shader to be set for multiple materials.

New: Two new functions, Reverse Faces & Make Double-Sided, have been added to the Object Instance Edit pane. These functions are also available in the Edit->All Visible->Objects menu.

New: Rename Objects has been added to the Edit->All Visible->Objects menu.

New: The Vertex alpha and RGB can be set for multiples faces from either rectangular selection or Edit->All Visible->Faces.

Enhanced: FBX Export has option to write an .INI file for the Assetto Corsa KsEditor.

Enhanced: Assetto Corsa Export Plugin writing of objects which have transparent materials.

Enhanced: Assetto Corsa Export & Import Plugins improved support for the Ks shaders. FBX Export Plugin for KsEditor also includes these enhancements.

Enhanced: rF2 headlight shaders included.

Fixed: Assetto Corsa Import Plugin could crash when loading third-party tracks.

Fixed: Incorrect geometry selection after using the cursor keys to pan the view.

Fixed: Set Tags dialog mishandling of Shadow options.  

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Improved Assetto Corsa & FBX Plugins.

The Import and Export Plugins for Assetto Corsa have been enhanced to include better support for the KsShaders used by the Assetto Corsa materials.

The FBX Export Plugin has the same improvements for exporting to the KsEditor.

Please follow this link for a short guide to using the KsEditor with FBX exported from 3DSimED3.

Go to the downloads page for the latest version of the Assetto Corsa Export/Import and FBX Export Plugins.

3DSimED 3.0v

Enhanced: Assetto Corsa Export support for shaders recently added to game.

Fixed: Crash on exit on most Windows systems.

Fixed: rF2 Real Road Shader was rendering white.

Fixed: The rF2 shaders which take environment reflections as input were giving unsatisfactory results.

Fixed: Collada Export was ignoring pivot point of objects.

Fixed: Collada Import was giving incorrect results with complex combinations of node transformations.

Fixed: Assetto Corsa Import incorrect roll angle.

Fixed: Assetto Corsa Export object name corruption causing tracks to fail to open.

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3DSimED 3.0u

New:  Import of F1-2014 car and track models. Please note that for the cars to be correctly textured the text “2014” must be part of the full folder name.

New:  Import of Grid Autosport cars and tracks.

New: Support for rF1/rF2 billboard objects.

New: Plugin for reading RatBag Dirt Track Racing 2 tracks and cars.

Enhanced:  rF2 Terrain multi-layer shader included.

Enhanced: Flat shading and wireframe drawing improved and also now show animations.

Enhanced: Highlighting  will now show billboard stamped geometry.

Enhanced: FBX Export plugin allows user to choose the Fbx format.

Enhanced: Fresnel Intensity of material is no longer restricted.

Enhanced: Progress bars for import and export of rF1/rF2 tracks.

Fixed: Display Material Filter could cause the sky and ground to be filtered out

Fixed: Multiple editing of Object Attributes would set all the selected objects to the instance name.

Fixed:. Collada Import plugin could fail if nodes had no name.

Fixed: FBX Export nodes would be incorrectly rotated.

Fixed:Grid 2 cars incorrectly textured, and Dirt Tracks objects all at 0,0,0.

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FBX Export/Import

New plugins are available to allow the export and import of FBX files.

  • The intention of the export plugin is to allow models to be exported to the Assetto Corsa KsEditor.
  • When exporting for use with KsEditor please make sure your texture maps are in a sub-folder named ‘Texture’, it does not matter what path is in the FBX as it is ignored the maps are just expected to be in the ‘Texture’ folder.
  • It is a good idea to use the Tools->Split Objects by Material before exporting to the KsEditor.
  •  Version 6 FBX is exported which should also work with many versions of 3DSMax and other 3D editors.

The FBX Plugins can be found at the downloads page.

3DSimED 3.0t

New: Assetto Corsa Export plugin added.  Geometry, materials and shaders are all exported allowing tracks to be edited and created. Please note that at present car models do not work.

New: Assetto Corsa import supports shaders and their associated variables.  The Assetto Corsa plugins also ensure that the Ks Shaders are available in the Edit Material Pane. Note that 3DSimED does not have the vertex and pixel shaders to render these shaders correctly.

New: The Collada Import Plugin can now read skeletal character animation. At present the transforms must be defined by matrixes and not axis angle, and there is a limit of 40 bones.

New: Collada Export gives the options of exporting multiple texture channels. Nodes are now named according to the object associated.

New: A function Export->Export RF2 Anm allows a character animation to be saved to rF2 format. This is intended to be used with the Collada Import of animations.

New: Material Edit Pane allows user variables associated with imported shader data to be modified. At present Assetto Corsa is the only sim with this support.

Enhanced: Memory handling has been improved it is easier to edit large models than before.

Enhanced. Collada Import no longer allows materials to share vertices, this helps with the editing of multi-channel texture coordinates.

Enhanced. A much large range of replacement tokens is allowed when importing ISI car models.

There was a bug with the group edit of objects with Set Tag which caused all modified objects to be assigned the same instance name.

Edit Paste Vertices could cause an exception error.

Very small triangles could not be selected.

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