Importing F1-2016 Cars and Tracks

Version 3.1f of 3DSimED includes a plugin to import cars and tracks from F1-2016, below is a short guide to importing.

  • Locate the F1-2016 folder which should be a sub-folder of your Steam installation, for example:
    "S:\steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2016“.
  • Tracks will be found in the asset_groups\environment_package\tracks folder and then within the chosen track folder find the wep folder. Select the track.erp or track_2016.erp  file in the wep folder.
  • The car folder will be a sub-folder of asset_groups\f1_2016_vehicle_package\teams.  As with tracks, the sub-folder required for opening a car is the wep folder which should contain one erp file.
  • The 3DSimED3 plugin will import from ERP archives which are packed files which need to be decompressed. For this reason importing from tracks may require some patience even on a powerful system.
  • If importing tracks a 64-bit operating system is very useful because 3DSimED will then have 4GB of memory to use by itself whereas on a 32-bit system the 4GB has to be shared with other applications, services etc.
  • Textures are written to temporary sub-folder of the 3DSimED3 folder, if 3DSimED3 crashes you should find and clear these temporary folders.