3DSimED 3.1c

New:  Plugin to import F1-2015 tracks and cars.

New:  Import by plugin is now included in Import – there is no longer a separate function.

New:  Batch Material Edit function allowing selected attributes to be edited for a group of materials. Pasting from another Material is also supported.

New:  Exporting to Nr2003 .3DO includes an option to set the object to be a ‘minimum’ object which will be seen at all times.

New:  The Vertex Edit pane includes an option to update near vertices.

Enhanced: Better viewing and picking in zoom view.

Enhanced: Quicker import of models consisting of a large number of objects.

Enhanced: Primitive->Add Object can open the same objects as Import.

Enhanced: Double-click for setting the view centre will can down the object tree if there is no geometry in the top level objects.

Enhanced: Collada Import has improved with better handling of external objects.

Enhanced: The zoom multiplier has been reduced to make zooming in/out easier.

Enhanced: Exporting and then importing .3DS preserves the ‘V’ texture coordinate.

Fixed: Converting to png within the texture browser could fail.

Fixed: Importing Wavefrot Obj without texture corrdinates no longer crashes.