3DSimED 3.1b (gJED support)

The enhancements in version 3.1b are to improve support for ISI’s new editing tool gJED.

  • RF2 GMT files exported from gJED (which always have 32-bit vertex indices) can be imported by 3DSimED3.
  • Models with a very large number of vertices are now exported to rF2 .GMT using 32-bit indices. Note that these models will require a recent version of rF2 to load successfully (as do gJED gmt) but smaller gmt (anything with less than 64K vertices) will still open in older versions of rF2.
  • FBX Export has had the UV channel naming changed to allow UV coordinates to be imported by gJED.
  • FBX Export has a new option to enable models to be exported with the Z-axis as Up. This is the default for gJED, previously FBX data was always exported with Y-axis Up.
  • FBX Export has an option to include the vertex RGB.  When exporting to 3DS Max it is advised to switch off the vertex RGB as it causes issues with textured geometry.
  • FBX Import handling of FBX saved with Z-axis UP has improved.

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