3DSimED 3.0u

New:  Import of F1-2014 car and track models. Please note that for the cars to be correctly textured the text “2014” must be part of the full folder name.

New:  Import of Grid Autosport cars and tracks.

New: Support for rF1/rF2 billboard objects.

New: Plugin for reading RatBag Dirt Track Racing 2 tracks and cars.

Enhanced:  rF2 Terrain multi-layer shader included.

Enhanced: Flat shading and wireframe drawing improved and also now show animations.

Enhanced: Highlighting  will now show billboard stamped geometry.

Enhanced: FBX Export plugin allows user to choose the Fbx format.

Enhanced: Fresnel Intensity of material is no longer restricted.

Enhanced: Progress bars for import and export of rF1/rF2 tracks.

Fixed: Display Material Filter could cause the sky and ground to be filtered out

Fixed: Multiple editing of Object Attributes would set all the selected objects to the instance name.

Fixed:. Collada Import plugin could fail if nodes had no name.

Fixed: FBX Export nodes would be incorrectly rotated.

Fixed:Grid 2 cars incorrectly textured, and Dirt Tracks objects all at 0,0,0.

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