3DSimED 3.0t

New: Assetto Corsa Export plugin added.  Geometry, materials and shaders are all exported allowing tracks to be edited and created. Please note that at present car models do not work.

New: Assetto Corsa import supports shaders and their associated variables.  The Assetto Corsa plugins also ensure that the Ks Shaders are available in the Edit Material Pane. Note that 3DSimED does not have the vertex and pixel shaders to render these shaders correctly.

New: The Collada Import Plugin can now read skeletal character animation. At present the transforms must be defined by matrixes and not axis angle, and there is a limit of 40 bones.

New: Collada Export gives the options of exporting multiple texture channels. Nodes are now named according to the object associated.

New: A function Export->Export RF2 Anm allows a character animation to be saved to rF2 format. This is intended to be used with the Collada Import of animations.

New: Material Edit Pane allows user variables associated with imported shader data to be modified. At present Assetto Corsa is the only sim with this support.

Enhanced: Memory handling has been improved it is easier to edit large models than before.

Enhanced. Collada Import no longer allows materials to share vertices, this helps with the editing of multi-channel texture coordinates.

Enhanced. A much large range of replacement tokens is allowed when importing ISI car models.

There was a bug with the group edit of objects with Set Tag which caused all modified objects to be assigned the same instance name.

Edit Paste Vertices could cause an exception error.

Very small triangles could not be selected.

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