3DSimED 3.0s

New: Plugin to import car models from Test Drive Unlimited 1 & 2 from the 3DG geometry  or BNK archive.

New: The Primitive Box function has the option to generate a bounding box surrounding the Editable Face Data.

Enhanced. The pivot point is always saved to a .GMT when exporting a single model for rFactor, rF2, and the other ISI formats. When saving a scene the pivot point will only be saved if the Moveable attribute is set for the object.

Enhanced. The Collada Import Plugin new reads fixed skin meshes.

Enhanced. Paste Material on the Material Edit pane now gives the option to overwrite texture maps.

Enhanced. Dirt ShowDown Import Plugin attempts to correctly set the transparency of materials, previously all were set to alpha blended transparency.

Enhanced. The Group Instance Edit pane has a copy function to place the group on the clipboard as an object.

Enhanced. Export DXF is improved.

Undo could take too many steps back when used from any of the edit panes.

On the  Object Instance Edit pane the shadow options presented did not update when the Object Shadow option was changed.

An object with scaling not set to 1.0 would be incorrectly positioned if it had a non-zero pivot point.

The magenta colour of the ‘missing texture map’ rendering has been altered to prevent the Fresnel shaders rendering bright white if the fresnel texture is missing.

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