3DSimED 3.0r

New. The view roll angle can now be set, the tilt of a mouse wheel can be used to change the angle.

New. For Objects with multiple animations the rendered animation can now be selected, this is particularly useful with objects such as corner workers.

New. Objects now have an Instance Name, this is useful when editing .scn files for rFactor and rF2.

New. The Import file dialog and many other file open dialogs now have a recent folders button.

New. Edit->Object By Name now shows the Object tree and allows selection of an Object at any branch of that tree.

New. Object rotations are now always about the pivot center. The Edit Object Pane has a new function to calculate and set the pivot point. The Edit->Center Objects Pivots and Edit->Bottom Center Objects Pivots allow the pivot point to be set for all objects.

New. On the Object Instance Edit pane the memory recall (MR) XYZ will update the Pivot Point if the X,Y, or Z Pivot edit box is selected.

New. Dirt ShowDown tracks and cars can now be imported.

New. Assetto Corsa tracks and cars can be imported with a new plugin.

New. Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010 tracks cars can be imported with a new plugin.

New. Nascar 2003 environment maps are now supported. The material shader for these environment maps is ‘sphere map masked by t1’. Exporting as well as importing is supported.

Enhanced. Selection of geometry is quicker, please note this is at the expense of frame-rate but in everyday use very quick geometry selection is probably more important than high frame-rates.

The view could disappear when looking directly down or up.

The view was not correctly panned by the keyboard arrow keys.

When using Primitives->Add Object new textures were not rendered.

Edit->Paste Materials sometimes did not render new textures.

A mistake in the tire vertex shader could cause tires to be animated.

The Collada Export Plugin now creates .DAE files which can be imported by Bob The Track Builder XPacker.

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