3DSimED 3.0p

New: rF2 Animated objects.

  • Animated objects can be imported from rF2 and rendered.
  • Animated Objects can be moved, rotated and exported back to rF2 format without losing animation.
  • Animated objects can be copied and pasted between models.

Enhanced: PSSG Import from F1-2013 is greatly enhanced.

  • Objects can now have multiple materials reducing the object count considerably
  • Low level of detail within objects is now discarded by default (to include all LOD within objects use Import Options).
  • A database of known transparent materials is used to set material transparencies for tracks.
  • Characters such as drivers, photographers and helmet objects can now be imported.

Enhanced: Import of Wavefront .Obj

  • The Y & Z axes can be swapped – see the Import Options dialog.
  • Multiple .OBJ files can be imported with the Import As Objects function

Eye and Walk viewing are fixed.

Improvement to sky dome rendering at high zooms

An animated model with low frame-rates will no longer cause delays to menu functions.

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