3DSimED 3.1h

New: Support for importing Forza Apex car models, both .carbin and modelbin can be imported. Only cars or car components can be imported, tracks and track objects cannot be imported. Note that although most Forza Horizon 3 car modelbin can be imported the carbin files cannot.

New: Clone Object has been added to the Object Instance Edit Pane. This function creates a new object which is copy of the presently selected object.

Enhanced: Drag rotating a view should be faster.

Enhanced: Import Collada DAE has been improved with support for texture and normal coordinates defined within the Vertices tag.

Enhanced:  Improved support for Forza Apex SwatchBin bitmap files.

Enhanced:  Rendering of shaders with cube maps improved.

Enhanced: DX10 BC5 and DX9 ATI2 formats are now decoded as normal maps.

Fixed:For AMD cards there is a fix to reduce the screen corruption which can happen when drag rotating a view with newer versions of the AMD drivers . To completely remove screen corruption switch to Software Mouse XYZ in the function Display-> DirectxX 9 Options.

Fixed: The Search path order defined by SCN files was reversed.

Fixed: Exporting to PNG could crash.

Fixed: Exporting to rF2 bone positions were incorrect if a pivot point was set.